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About our Metabolic Lab

About Power 2 the Pedals VO2 Metabolic Fitness Testing Lab

The VO2 – Power/HR – LT Testing Lab offers superior metabolic testing services for world class professional athletes, serious amateurs, weekend warriors as well as those just starting an exercise program.

Power 2 the Pedals VO2 Lab (P2P) changes all this.

All Metabolic Tests are Conducted by Saul Blau, MS, Owner of “Power to the Pedals”, LLC

Saul Blau, MS
Saul Blau, MS

A comprehensive cardio-metabolic stress test is considered by many to be the “gold standard” of fitness assessments for endurance athletes. Each individual, regardless of their age or fitness level, has a unique cardio-metabolic power profile .

Metabolic testing at Power 2 the Pedals (P2P) is conducted by Saul Blau, a pioneer in exercise physiology, specifically as it relates to cardio-metabolic testing. There are few people in the industry who can match Mr. Blau’s credentials and experience.

Mr. Blau has a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology and over twenty (20) years of experience in metabolic assessment and heart rate training prescription. He has conducted metabolic tests on over 12,000 people during this time.

From 1985-1998, Mr. Blau partnered with Olympic Cycling Team Cardiologist Dr. Herman Falsetti at Health Corporation. Working with renowned cycling coach Eddie Borysewicz (“Eddy B”) and Herman, Mr. Blau conducted cardio-metabolic testing on members of the Subaru-Montgomery and US Postal Cycling Teams. Cyclists tested include 7-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong (pre- and post-cancer), George Hincapie, Bobby Julich, Tyler Hamilton, Andy Hampsten, Bart Bowen, Ken Carpenter, and Michael Carter to name a few.

Mr. Blau’s list of clientele is extensive. He has tested many professional athletes in team sports including members of the New York Giants football team (including Michael Strahan), the Anaheim Ducks and LA Kings hockey teams, and the Toronto Raptors basketball team, as well as individual athletes such as 2006 Olympic Figure Skating Silver Medalist, Sasha Cohen, 2-time Hawaii Ironman Triathlon winner, Scott Tinsley and 3-time New York City Marathon winner, Alberto Salazar.

Mr. Blau has conducted extensive research into cardio-metabolic assessment and using metabolic markers to partition energy systems and Heart Rate Zones and owns a US User’s Patent Titled: “System and Method for Cardio-Respiratory Conditioning” awarded in 2001.

Superior Medical-Grade Metabolic Testing Equipment

A key difference between P2P testing facility and many others out there is the quality of the metabolic analyzer equipment. At our lab, we use true medical-grade equipment, as opposed to lesser systems such as New Leaf & Korr which are used in other facilities. This ensures you will receive the most accurate metabolic data from your test as well as consistency across multiple tests.

All metabolic testing will be conducted by Saul Blau, MS, owner of Power to the Pedals – VO2 Metabolic Assessment Lab, located inside the Performance Studio at ARoadBike4U. All tests will utilize the highest quality SensorMedics medical grade Vmax system. The Vmax System uses two known medical grade cal gases (registered at 0.02% chemical accuracy) plus room to air to assure consistent repeatable accuracy for each test. Saul is a stickler for accuracy and operates under the premise “If it’s not accurate and repeatable, it’s not science”

For all cycling tests, your own bike will be attached to a Velodyne cycle ergometer. The Velodyne is widely known as one of the most accurate and consistent machines ever made for measuring wattage and adjusting known workload. With the results of your metabolic assessment, 7 training zones for power (wattage) and heart rate (bpm) will be setup for you, so that you can gain the same training advantages the pro’s use.

The wattage training zones are based on the work of Hunter Allen and Andrew Coggan PhD from the book “Training and racing with a Power Meter” . The heart rate training zones are based on Joe Friel’s work from the book “The Cyclist Training Bible”.

Synergistic Services all-in-one Location

The Power to the Pedals VO2 Metabolic Fitness Testing Lab is only one of the key service components of P2P and is part of our larger Performance Studio. In addition to getting your body’s unique physiological profile, you have access to state-of-the-art bike fitting technologies with the Retul 3D dynamic motion capture system. Our fit specialist, Bob Murphy, is both Retul and Serotta-certified. If you want the ultimate in bike fit, whether road or triathlon, then we can work with two of the best names in the business, Guru or Serotta, to create a custom frame tailor-made for your body dimensions and riding style. We use the Guru Dynamic Fit Unit to determine your optimal frame geometry.

Once your training zones have been established, the next logical step is to develop a training plan. At the Performance Studio, you have access to coaching services from our in-house affiliate coach, Barrett Brauer, USA Cycling and USA Triathlon certified. In addition, we have developed relationships with coaches from all over Southern California and can provide referrals to some of the top names in the business.

How Does the Test Work?

The VO2max – Power/HR Threshold Test uses a state-of-the-art metabolic analyzer and your own bike attached to a calibrated ergo-meter (Velodyne), runners are measured on a treadmill.

The variables being measured are;

  • Heart Rate
  • Oxygen Uptake
  • Carbon-dioxide expired
  • Volume of expired air
  • Wattage (Cyclists)
  • Speed and Grade (Runners)

After a warm-up period consisting of 10-15 minutes easy pedaling or walking, the workload is increased approximately every two minutes in increments ranging from 15 to 35 watts (.5 mph to 1 mph or incline steps of 2% on a treadmill), depending on your fitness level. The last seconds of the test take you up to your maximum effort level. The entire exercise test lasts 10-20 minutes.

If you are a beginning runner/cyclist/triathlete or are starting up again after a long lay-off, we can perform a sub-maximal test which will end immediately after reaching Anaerobic/Lactate Threshold and before reaching exhaustion, a few levels below your maximal effort. At the end, we will determine your Anaerobic/Lactate Threshold (AT) or Functional Threshold Power (FTP) in watts, but not your VO2 Max. However, AT is the key metric for setting training zones for both Power and Heart Rate and learning to train like the pros.

Test Day Information

Click here to find out about the full range of test options available and what you will receive at the end of each test. We also tell you how to prepare for your upcoming test as well as what forms you will need to complete.

If you are serious about reaching your fitness or sport-specific goals, then you should be training in specific heart rate or power zones according to a plan.

The only way to know your training zones is to be tested!

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